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English Language School

ESL class

Country Homes English Language School has been reaching out to the world since 1979.
We have helped approximately 600 students from 58 countries with 400 tutors. Teachers are volunteers who teach one-on- one and in small groups.

Student/Teacher Ratio
Each tutor is paired with one or possibly two students and is asked to commit to a full school year for each day they wish to volunteer. Students may also commit to multiple days if space is available.

Minimum age is 18; a warm invitation is extended to the all people from other nations and cultures who are resettling or temporarily living in Spokane. The students’ backgrounds vary from having no formal education to being college graduates.

A desire to learn. Instruction is free of
charge. Prospective students will be paired
with a tutor as soon as possible.

Classroom Materials
We have an extensive library of materialsin a variety of languages. If a tutor or a student would like access to a resource not currently in our library, please ask the ELS Director. Most materials are easily attainable.

This Language School accepts all students and tutors from any beliefs, faiths, and religions. The goal of this school is to help students learn the English language and customs. We do not evangelize at all in our
sessions. If you feel this policy has been breached, we encourage you to please bring this to the attention of the ELS Director immediately.

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Interested in Joining our English Language School?

If you would like to join us, as either a tutor or a student, fill out the information to the right and we will be in contact with you soon.

    Thanks for contacting us!  We will respond to your message soon.
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